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TOUR (19D) - 28th May to 6th June 2019

Rimtalay Resort, Laem Ngop District, Trat Province

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Locations/Landmarks Section: Accommodation

Name Ref. Area or District/Province Location Date visited Price (baht) Rating/Comments
Thathong House 19D Kantharalak, Si Sa Ket Province Google Map 28 May 2019 600 7 - Apartment type, comfortable and really spacious but no dining facilities nearby
Ruenmaisak Resort 19D Khun Han, Si Sa Ket Province Google Map 29 May 2019 500 6 - bungalow type, rather cramped with little table space but excellent dining facilities nearby, poor wifi signal
Prompiman Hotel 19D Si Sa Ket Google Map 30/31 May 2019 700 8 - hotel type, comfortable and spacious with easy access to night bazaar and train station, super buffet breakfast but poor wifi signal
Athomepakham Hotel 19D Pakham, Buriram Province Google Map 1 Jun 2019 500 7 - apartment type, comfortable but no dining facilities nearby
Sunset@RimtalayLaemNgop 19D Laem Ngop, Trat Province Google Map 2 Jun 2019 800 7 - apartment type, rooms ok but there were issues with the toilet and air-conditioning causing a change of room, room overpriced but you pay for the location, excellent restaurant for evening dining with sea views, poor internet connection
Chanchom Resort 19D Hat Banchuen, Khlong Yai District, Trat Province Google Map 3/4 Jun 2019 900 8 - link bungalow type, rooms ok but an issue with the power supply resulted in a change of room, room priced for the location on the beachfront, excellent breakfast in the restaurant
Ava Resort 19D Laem Mae Phim, Khlang District, Rayong Province Google Map 5 Jun 2019 690 8 - bungalow type, rather cramped with limited table top space, cheaper than most accommodation on the beachfront, poor wifi connection
The accommodation listed has at least basic en suite toilet/bathroom with hot shower, air-conditioning, fridge and usually wifi. However there is still a tendency to neglect worktop space.