HELP key

The HELP key is in three parts:

1) Difficulty in accessing the location…..’E’ = easy, ‘M’ = medium, ‘D’ = difficult.
‘E’ means you can reach the site by air, bus or train without difficulty and there is local transport available for 50 baht or less.
‘M’ means that in addition you will need transport either public or by means of a private tour up to the value of 500 baht per person.
‘D’ means that even if you have hired a vehicle and have considered the location to be important and have the right amount of time allocated to it, it still may not be worthwhile against other options. Only the most exotic locations fall into this catagory.

2) Degree of importance…..1-5. Although a personal judgment this is a guide and takes into account historical, religious, natural and other factors.

3) Suggested time allocation…..***m (minutes), ***h (hours) ***d (days). These are minimums e.g. a national park may say 6h but you may want to stay in the park overnight.

a) Chiang Khan, Loei…..E, 4, 1d - It is relatively easy to get to Loei by air, train or bus and cheap local transport to Chaing Khan is available.
b) Phu Rhua, Loei…..M, 4, 6h - from Loei to Phu Rhua takes up to an hour. Although it is possible to use public transport the times may not be convenient. Joining a tour would be a better option.
c) Na Haeo, Loei…..D, 3, 1d – Na Haeo is the most remote district in Loei province and one of the most remote in Thailand. It takes a full morning to get there from Loei and there are few options to stay overnight. There is a delightful national park, Phu Suan Si in the district, the most realistic option would be to stay in Dan Sai and combine this with the park or stay overnight in the park. Not at all realistic without a vehicle.