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Schliemann's Trench, Ancient City of Troy Archaeological Site, Tevfikiye, Çanakkale Province

Çanakkale Province

Çanakkale is a province of Turkey, located in the north-western part of the country. It takes its name from the city of Çanakkale.
Geography: Like Istanbul, Çanakkale province has a European (Thrace) and an Asian (Anatolia) part. The European part is formed by the Gallipoli (Gelibolu) peninsula, while the Asian part is largely coterminous with the historic region of Troad in Anatolia. They are separated by the Dardanelles strait, connecting the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea.
History: In the early Turkish Republic, the Çanakkale Province came into existence with the abolition of the Ottoman-era sanjaks of Biga and Gelibolu. According to a population census in 1927, Çanakkale had 8,500 inhabitants, except its neighbouring villages. It is recorded that Çanakkale, which was also called as "Hellespontos" and "Dardanelles" in ancient times, has accommodated to many civilizations for about 3,000 years. Even the Archaic Troy (Troia) city, where was governed by Lydians and destroyed by the devastating earthquake in 2500 BC, has ruins in today. In 336 BC, Persian Empire which became the crucial power in Anatolia and was conducted by Alexander the Great that aimed to extend ancient Greece all over the world, was defeated. Also with the ruin of the Anatolian beylik of Karesi, most of the territory of Canakkale was conquered in the Ottoman era, with the assistance of the castles in remuneration for helping to Byzantine Empire, locating Gelibolu. Afterwards, the Canakkale strait was given to the Ottoman Empire.
Agriculture: The province of Çanakkale is a notable region for viticulture and winemaking in Turkey. The region between Saros Gulf and Gelibolu on the Gallipoli peninsula is cultivated with vineyards. Wine producer "Suvla" is located in Suvla.
Districts: Çanakkale province is divided into 12 districts (capital district underlined): Ayvacık, Bayramiç, Biga, Bozcaada, Çan, Çanakkale, Eceabat, Ezine, Gelibolu, Gökçeada, Lapseki and Yenice.
Tourism: Much of the tourism in Çanakkale province relates to visits to the Gallipoli Peninsula, the scene of heavy fighting in 1915 between the Allies and the Ottoman Empire. On the Asian side of the Dardanelles is the Ancient City of Troy within easy reach of Çanakkale.

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Çanakkale Province Map

Helles Memorial, Eceabat District