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Amphawa Canal

Weekend Market
Amphawa Canal
Mae Klong and Amphawa Floating Market. Page (1) | (2)

Heading for Amphawa........As an alternative to the more well-known floating market at Damoean Suduak I’m heading for Amphawa floating market near Samut Songkhram which is connected to the Mae Klong river 6 kms north of the town. Mae Klong seems to be a preferred name: The railway line is known as the Ban Laem to Mae Klong line. However maps and road signs tend to show Samut Songkhram. The plan is to take the commuter train from Wong Wian Yai in Thonburi and cross the Prachin river to Ban Laem by ferry at Mahachai. First I need to get to Wong Wian Yai which is now easier than before with the Silom Line (BTS) extension built in 2009 across the Chao Phraya River. Arriving in Silom district by van at Sala Deang it is a short train ride to Wong Wian Yai. You can flag a taxi or tuk tuk but it’s 500 metres from the BTS station to the STR commuter station; take a right turn at the junction into Somdet Prachao Taksin Road. The station access is on the left albeit a little obscure. I’ve made it for the 9.35 am service to Mahachai. The trip on this line features in a previous Travel Log.
Broken dreams........The commuter train is late arriving at Mahachai leaving just 30 minutes to cross the river and walk to the station at Ban Laem. The streets around the market in Mahachai are crowded with day trippers but on arrival in Ban Laem I follow a few people along a street to the right keeping a brisk pace. Suddenly the pace drops as the small group of travelers heading for the station enter into conversation with a local man. That’s it! No need to rush. There’s no 10.10 am service. The engine is kaput, broken down; not going anywhere. Oh! well I’m here now may as well take some photos. I head back across the Prachin River. A little disappointed I jump on a local bus heading for Mae Klong.
Mae Klong Scene........Still having time to wander around the town, I head for Mae Klong station. If Mahachai has gained the reputation for housing a market on the railway then Mae Klong is no exaggeration to claim similar status. The vendors are in luck. The non arrival of the train from Ban Laem has saved them the trouble of moving their wares off the railway track; at least for now. I walk along the track shaded by umbrellas shoulder to shoulder in the confined available space. At the station I learn that the train has been repaired; there will be an afternoon service. Sadly I don’t have time for the ritual dismantling of all the paraphernalia pending the train’s arrival. I’m off to Amphawa floating market. (cont. on Page 2)

Photo Gallery

*To Mae Klong/Amphawa
*King Rama II Memorial Park


Bplamuak - squid
Bplatoo - local fish
Bpoo - crab
Goong - shrimps/prawns
Hoy Talap - oysters

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