view towards Ban Ao Yang near Bang Sapan

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Overview……..These two Thai provinces are situated next to each other with a coastline on the western Gulf of Thailand located on the Isthmus of Kra, the narrow landbridge connecting the Malay Peninsula with mainland Asia. The entire coastline occupies some 250 kilometres and includes many sandy beaches while inland there is a wealth of natural features centred on the National Parks. These together with historical and religious attractions provide opportunities in abundance for tourists. Each province is divided into districts, 8 in each. This tour features the districts of, Mueang Prachuap Kiri Khan, Bang Sapan Yai and Thap Sakae in Prachuap province and in Chumphon, Mueung Chumphon and Patiew. These will be referred to frequently in the travel log and photo gallery.
Itiniary……..For full report in click on travel log
Day 1, Bangkok to Prachuap Kiri Khan (overnight stay).
Days 2-5, Ban Krut, Bang Sapan Yai (4 nights stay).
Days 6-9 Haad Thung Whua Laen, Pathiew (4 nights stay).
Day 10, Chumphon to Bangkok.
Excursions.....(These were entirely by motorbike).
From Ban Krut….. Don Sam Ran beach, Ban Bo Thong Lang, Ban Ao Yang, Bang Saphan Yai, Wat Thong Chai, Phra Phut Kiti Sirichai Pagoda, Phra Buddha Kiti Sirichai, Thap Sakae, Hauy Yang National Park.
From Haad Thung Whua Laen…… Sahm See-am fishing village, Ao Kaw Kwang, Hua Thannon, Pak Nam Chumphon, Prince of Chumphon Shrine, Sai Ri Beach, Chumphon Raptor Centre on Pencil Hill, Ao Bang Son, Tahm Khao Bang See-ub, Pathiew, Haad Tahm Thong, Tha Rua Hin Gohp, Ao Bo Mao, Tha Rua Ao Leam Son, Tha Rua Saphli.
Prachuap Kiri Khan……Suksant Hotel, type-apartment, aircon, hot shower, refrigerator, TV, Wifi (dependent on location of room), breakfast….none (restaurant on beach road), rating....satisfactory, price 650 baht.
Ban Krut beach……Proudthai Resort, type-beach bungalow, aircon, hot shower, refrigerator, TV, Wifi, breakfast….hot coffee only, rating….excellent, especially service from the owner, price 700 baht (800 peak times).
Haad Thung Whua Laen……Seabeach Resort, type-beach bungalow, aircon, hot shower, refrigerator, TV, Wifi (only near the shop), breakfast….none, rating….satisfactory, price 600 baht (one of the cheapest on the beach).

Dining out
Prachuap Kiri Khan……The Night Market offers a good selection of local foods. Thai and Western food is available on the beach road or in the town.
Ban Krut beach……There are a number of seafood restaurants on the beach road. There is little in the village near the railway station. Most local restaurants are at the north end of the beach road by the harbor about 10 minutes walk from Proudthai Resort.
Haad Thung Whua Laen……Seafood restaurants are found along the beach road, while some offer Western style breakfast all at reasonable prices. Local foods and street vending are found in Saphli, 3 kilometres away; a 30 minute walk, but most take a bicycle or motorbike.
Transport used
Bang Sue (Bangkok) to Prachuap Kiri Khan……Ordinary train 251, 58 baht.
Prachuap Kiri Khan to Ban Krut beach……minivan 70 baht, motorbike taxi 80 baht.
Ban Krut beach to Haad Thung Whua Laen……motorbike taxi 100 baht, minivan 160 baht, songtheaw 30 baht.
Haad Thung Whua Laen to Chumphon railway station……songtheaw 30 baht.
Chumphon railway station to Bangkok……Special Express (sprinter) 478 baht.
Motorbike rental
Ban Krut beach……price/day 250 baht (delivered to bungalow)
Haad Thung Whua Laen……price/day 200 baht (some people charge 300 baht for newer machines)
Sunny, hot every day except one day of high cloud but no rain.