Site Upgrade

Update: This site has now been running for 7 years and has exceeded all expectations. Originally it was just a personal blog and a bit of fun learning coding. Today it is much more than that and has developed into a useful guide for anyone travelling to Thailand and other surrounding countries. However its value is currently limited as it’s full of clutter and experimental design. Basically toys need a box to store them in and I’m in the process of building one. This page lists all the tours I’ve been on and a good start has been made to add an ‘In Brief’ page at the start of each tour but greater things are in the pipeline: A massive index is being compiled to list all the locations visited. I’m putting it in the box.

At the point of writing an index is already available from late 2015 but the database will be gradually expanded to include all the locations visited since 2011, not an overnight job! The index includes photographs, maps and general information to aid any traveler and you will notice that I have put an emphasis on ‘traveler’ since this site never had ‘holidaymaker’ in mind. As I’ve been working on the upgrades, I’ve felt the need to change page titles and have started to use the title ‘UNSEENinTHAILAND’, not forgetting there are other countries included in the site so e.g. UNSEENinVIETNAM will appear in due course. In the meantime please enjoy the site and I sincerely hope I can wean you away sometimes from the beaches of Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi and Samoi for the true and magnificent ‘Thailand’ that I know and love so much!